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Peter Sedufia's Keteke Attracts A Huge Reception in Gemany, After Two Sold Out Shows

Ghanaian film maker - Peter Sedufia's - 2017 debut is still very much relevant after two years; this only goes on to reveal the amount of value and work invested into the Keteke project.

In a short space of two months, the Keteke movie has been screened twice in Germany, first one in Hamburg and the second one in Berlin for Afrikamera Film Festival.

For both events, Peter Sedufia via social media, reacted that the reception for both events was very huge and encouraging, calling it indescribable and a good feel.
via Instagram. Here is Peter signing off autographs at the Afrikamera Berlin Festival

The young director amidst all the good feel, is gearing towards the release of a highly anticipated project dubbed Aloe Vera featuring Adjetey Annang, Naa Ashorkor, Aaron Aditsi and many other Ghanaian actors.

Keep tabs on us for more developments on Peter Sedufia's new movie and upcoming projects.
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