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No Female Performance At Saminifest 2019 - Time To Balance For Better

Mz Freeze, the only female artiste in plain sight kept calling from the sidelines of the stage, just like every other young artiste who wanted an in on the once glorious Saminifest stage. 

 She had arrived at 6:00 am after an invitation, with a flyer advertising her set released for promotional purposes.

Mz Freeze was denied her set, even after a personal pitch was made to the C.E.O of Africa One Media - Cynthia Quarcoo - who was very much involved in the organising of the event on the D-Day.

Thinking back to 2016 and 2018 editions of Saminifest, the event in history has had a very little involvement of female performers.

This act of probable negligence by the organising team, safe to say, goes against the ideals of the MOBO Award winning performer, who has on several occasions voiced his support for the fight to advance the safe inclusion of women in the Ghanaian society.

Through his Obimbra Foundation, Samini recently partnered with UN's Coalition of People Against Sexual & Gender Based Violence/ Harmful Practices to help support victims of rape and domestic violence. At this event, Samini established his long-known support for this course, a fact re-echoed by the first line of his speech:
 I believe women and children are the backbone of our society, and they need to be protected and empowered to realise their full potential. Source: (UNFPA Ghana, 2019)
Samini was also among the list of celebrities to voice out their disagreement and distaste in some demeaning comments made by Prophet Badu Kobi about Ghanaian women,  describing these comments made by the founder of Glorious Wave International as unfortunate and bad for the Ghanaian culture.

Samini has always been a key stakeholder in this gender conversation, referencing the influence and power wielded by women in his life.

Unfortunately, this did not show after an all male line up performance for this year's Saminifest. The Samini brand is a global one in a today world which has come to accept the narrative of the struggle for women in arts and other professions. His music and influence transcends beyond the boarders of Ghana; that leaves a responsibility on the shoulders of Samini and his management to make exemplary efforts in this regard and to balance for better.
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