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"Stop Scaring Returnees With Inflated Prices" - Peter Sedufia To Service Providers

Ghana has seen a surge in tourists after the 2019 year was announced to be 'The Year Of Return' for all Africans worldwide. Reportedly, the country is targeting a million returnees by December, 2019 returnees and have made close to 2 billion cedis in income.

In all these buzz and euphoria, Peter Sedufia - Ghanaian director makes an observation worthy of note. There seem to absurd be hikes in prices of local service providers, and the fact that there is no authority to check and regulate all these makes it scarier.

This 'rip-off' as as he describes has the tendency of painting an image of Ghana being an overly expensive country to live in.

Here is Peter's submission culled from his facebook timeline.
#TheYearOfReturn initiative by this government is a really great one. Although I would expect diasporans from all across the world to visit Ghana instead of it being mostly, if not only African Americans (of course, they suffered most from the slave trade, so no surprise about the numbers); I would plead with the appropriate quarters in charge to look into the total rip-off happening in almost every sale outlet. Services and Sales outlets have doubled their prices, in some cases, more than 100% of the initial prices, just because it's THE YEAR OF RETURN and foreigners are in the country; and the assumption is that, "they're rich, so let's milk them".
The worst of it all is happening in the hospitality centres (i.e. Hotels, restaurants and their likes).PLEASE, STOP TRYING HARD TO SABOTAGE THIS GOOD INITIATIVE BY GOVERNMENT WITH YOUR GREED AND SELFISHNESS!!!
Hotel rooms have shot up from US$200 a night to US$800 a night. Some have moved from $300 a night to $900 a night. This was confirmed by actress Beverley Afaglo through her personal experience at Golden Tulip Hotel, where buffet had jumped from Ghc120 ($21) to Ghc290 ($51), just because it's Year of Return, but they claim it's Christmas prices. Haven't you heard of the word "father Christmas"? Isn't it Christmas rather we're supposed to enjoy best deals? I just read on the 'Independent' website that Cardi B was paying around US$12,000 (Ghc68,000+) a night for her suite at Kempiski. HOW??? This is a price they'll NEVER be charged for hotels in their country - America.
Or, we're just not interested in them going back to tell the rest of the world that Ghana is affordable to live in?
Africa, better still, Ghana is very expensive to live in. Is that the tag we want?Please, let's help the government to help us. They're trying to make the country (Ghana) appealing to foreign investors.
STOP SCARING THEM WITH YOUR GREEDY AND SELFISH HIKED/INFLATED PRICES AND MAKING THE COUNTRY SO EXPENSIVE TO LIVE IN.Worst off, the locals also end up being charged same hiked prices they're ambushing the visitors with; then, everyone starts crying about hardship in Ghana...

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