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Dark Suburb is an African alternative rock band based in Ghana that has evolved the masquerade culture as their brand and have been in the music scene for a while. Their sound is experimental fusing rock with African melodies.
The band leaves music lovers in awe with their brand and unique appearance, mostly characterized by mysterious skeletal mask, turbans and their sound.
Their band consist of 5 talented instrumentalist, lead vocalist and a poet who acts the role of the angel of death, since they execute an undead concept artistically. They have resurrected African legends into the characters, with Kankan bizin as front man a character inspired by legendary Mansa musa, Samory on lead guitar inspired by historic Samory Toure, Shamba on rhythm guitar inspired by Shamba bolongongo, khama on bass inspired by Khama III, Akhenaten on keys inspired by Pharoah Akhenaten, Shaka and Alfonso on drums inspired by Shaka Zulu and Alfonso I. The ancients are really here. They have released 2 projects, an Ep in 2015 and an album in 2017. Both got major nominations in the All Africa music awards including Album of the year in Africa in 2017.
They hit us recently with the return concert after a few years break in active music to perfect the social justice and development concept at the heart of their brand and also to master the traditional griot culture for their story telling purposes.
Dark Suburb represents the dark suburbs of society especially African slums and their art is meant to stimulate a self-sustainable development idea in such areas, a plan they believe strongly they have after strong research work. They are coming at you on the 21st of December at OZZIE’S BEACH PALACE next to Sandbox with rock on the beach, a show they intend to maintain every month. Their debut album was titled the start looks like the end and their start did look like they ended.

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