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We Are In Dangerous End Times, The Blood of Jesus Can Defeat Corona Virus - Sonnie Badu Warns

With the global outbreak of the corona virus,  Sonnie Badu is convinced of the end times drawing nigh, and he cant help but urge Christians to be still and trust in the reign of Jesus Christ.

The deadly virus which has some specific countries especially in China in deep waters, has caused fear and panic for many global citizens. 

For christians all over the world, however, Sonnie Badu is hopeful of a way out. The Ghanaian-British singer and preacher took to social media to restore hope and also to present a divine instruction gifted to him by God.

On social media, Sonnie Badu emphasized the need to commune regularly with the blood and body of Christ in these recent times - times he described as dangerous end times. These were his exact words:
I have just been instructed by the almighty to instruct all believers to take communion everyday against deadly diseases. Of a truth, we are in dangerous end times and we all must cover our households. Starting from Monday, I will come online no matter what time and take the communion with you ... So get your red grape juice and bread ready .. The blood of Jesus will and can defeat that CORONAVIRUS ... Do not be afraid of deadly pestilence ... JESUS STILL REIGNS. #DrBadu.

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